Product Safety Information

Product Safety Information

Please Note
This information is being published in good faith and for the protection and safety of our valued customers

Aburi Composites would like to advise and inform our valued customers that we have terminated all purchases of composite gas cylinders from Time Technoplast Ltd (TTL). This decision has been made following the discovery of several manufacturing defects on the composite LPG cylinders, supplied by TTL, tested and certified by TÜV Rhineland.

This decision has been made keeping in mind the following defects observed in the aforementioned cylinder.


• Use of Metal screws in the cylinders

• Use of plastic O-Rings to support the ultrasonic welding of top cover and bottom body casing.

• Poor quality casing

• Note:

– Presence of Metal screws and plastic O rings was not disclosed in the drawings submitted to  certification by TTL to TUV Rhineland

– Presence of these is not as per International guidelines for Composite Cylinder


Potential Hazard: 

• Results in cracking of the outer casing and handles

• Loose ends

• Potential danger to prospective user as the cylinder may detach from the handle & fall

• As such the cylinder has been rendered unusable

What to do?

Should you discover any of these defects, please contact us urgently.

Aburi Commitment

Aburi Composites wish to inform all our valued customers that their safety and satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.  Moving forward we shall be supplying composite cylinders which are in strict compliance with international safety guidelines and would be subjected to in house checks prior to delivery.

Aburi will not compromise the quality of its products, our cylinders must fulfill all the required stringent standards and pass rigorous tests, to ensure they are being manufactured to specification prior to release.Deficiencies in quality will therefore not be tolerated or accepted.

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