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Aburi Composites is an advanced composite materials company based in London, specialised in composite LPG cylinders.

Advanced composites provide unique opportunities to create structural materials with enhanced functionality, creating new processes supported by high security controls.

We focus on the replacement of metal elements for composites within equipment used by the gas sector. We are involved in:


  • Sales, marketing and market development for Type IV (latest generation) composite gas cylinders for the global LPG market
  • Provision of manufacturing technology for the production of composite gas cylinders
  • Provision of other sales, marketing, consulting, sourcing and agency services for related supply chain and distribution chain requirements in the global LPG sector
  • Consultancy, asset management and project management of LPG project packages


We believe in being socially responsible in a productive manner, taking care of society’s energy needs and providing our customers with high quality products which respects the environment.

Mission Statement

To promote innovation

Our Goal

Our vision is to be recognised as a leading supplier and innovator of advanced composites within the LPG industry distinguishing ourselves by providing excellent quality service to customers, an expansion of opportunities for professional and personal development to our employees and a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Our Values

The following values are the cornerstone of our company and guide us every day in our business dealings, and with all our internal and external relationships.

About the Aburi Group

Aburi Group is made up of companies that specialises in different sectors. The Aburi Group has offices in UK, Ireland, Germany, UAE and Nigeria.

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