Gas Automat

LPG Cylinders vending machine



Aburi Gas Automat is a problem solver! Aburi Gas Automat is an LPG cylinder vending machine open 24 hours, 365 days, giving you significant competitive advantages in selling gas cylinders.


With Aburi Gas Automat you save on distribution costs and maximise your logistics.   Gas Automat will only accept your cylinders and inform when your Distribution Team needs to replace the empty cylinders, avoiding unnecessary journeys.


Aburi Gas Automat can work with the latest generation of composite LPG cylinders that are lightweight, non explosive, translucent and environmentally friendly. However, we can make it work also with steel cylinders too.


Customers Payment? no problem. Aburi Gas Automat accept all types of payments and also a reward customer card can be created.


In this section you will find the information you may need to know about our Gas Automat.


  • Allowing to buy a new cylinder or swap an empty cylinder for a full one. 


  • Gas Automat has 3 options for customers: to purchase cylinders without registering, registering and purchase, or exchange an empty cylinder to a full one (for this option, the client needs to be registered)


  • Every composite LPG cylinder has an RFID tag that the machine recognises


  • Gas Automat will only accept the cylinders owned by the company


  • The machine can work with different methods of payment: cards, cash or both. Moreover, it can implement a client’s card system.


  • Effective use of land with maximum sales in minimum space


  • Eradicate unnecessary logistical costs


  • 48 cylinders capacity of 26.2 ltr (depends on the size, quantity can be increased)


  • Available for all types of cylinders


  • Automatic online registration of the stock and full overview on PC or mobile. Error analysis can be sent via mail and accessible on the machine directly in admin mode


  • Gas Automat can transfer the data to a database (host) over the internet with wifi or LAN in an SQL


  • Online diagnosis: the owner can see all the components and how the entire system is working, log events and troubleshoot effectively. Gas Automat can send messages about all the necessary electronic parts and gives a full overview of the machine.


  • User friendly: customers can have a pin, get instant messages with an activation code and different payment methods.


  • Clients registration: this can help to collect statistics, customers behaviours and contact details. Moreover it is possible know how many customers use a specific machine, how often, which cylinder has a particular customer etc


  • Support for GasAutomat (including staff training, technical and mechanical support


  • A gas sensor that automatically disconnects the power if there is a gas leak can be installed


  • Made of steel and stainless steel



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