Aburi Composites is innovating the LPG market with new Composite LPG Cylinders

Aburi Composites is innovating the LPG market with new Composite LPG Cylinders

The new line of lightweight Aburi Composite LPG Cylinders has now reached the market in order to help improve safety within the LPG market. The latest generation of composite LPG cylinders are made of helically woven fibres, combined with resin, providing unique characteristics including being lightweight, non explosive, translucent and environmentally friendly.

The brand new Aburi cylinders sizes represent a clear transformation and are focused for sectors such as construction, industrial, commercial, street cooking, bars and others areas who require a large quantity of LPG within a short period of time. New Aburi Composite Cylinders are available in a range of 12, 14, 29, 35 and 40 litre volumes.

The innovative feature of the 12 and 14 cylinders is that they are small versions of the traditional cylinders, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, including caravans, camping and barbecues.

These new cylinders are composed of a seamless anti-permeation thermoplastic liner which is fully wrapped with epoxy resin, impregnated Advantex® 158B glass fibre roving, providing an unmatched combination of high tensile strength, lightweight, corrosion proof and UV resistance to ensure optimum performance.

Safety wise, the Aburi Composite Cylinders are non-explosive – even when engulfed in fire. This is thanks to the heavy duty composite make-up of the product, which is manufactured to the strict standards of EN12245: 2002, EN14427: 2004, ISO 11119-3TPED, Dir.2010/35/EU and ADR/RID 2012

In addition to being fifty per cent lighter than conventional steel cylinders, the composite solution is unique in that it is translucent and makes for easy visibility of  LPG levels which was previously impossible.

They have an attractive and ergonomic outer casing – which can be custom coloured and branded – made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) providing easy handling and additional further protection during transportation. High quality, heavy-duty casing also reduces maintenance and a universal valve connection, means it is suitable for all valve types.

Aburi Composite Cylinders are not only aesthetically attractive, they have incredible features, such us the RFID, so that you can track your cylinders anytime. RFID ensures that the right cylinders are available in the correct place with no discrepancies and zero errors, making the supply chain considerably more precise and improving the efficiency and reliability of the entire process. As real time information is made available, also administration and planning can be significantly improved.

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