First Regional WINLPG Workshop at the 31st AIGLP Congress

First Regional WINLPG Workshop at the 31st AIGLP Congress

The first regional Women in LPG Global Network (WINLPG) workshop took place in Bogota, Colombia in March 2016 at the time of the Latin American LPG Association’s annual conference. The half day workshop brought together female leaders of the Latin American industry who were given a unique opportunity to network, discuss leadership learning skills, challenges and to exchange their own stories.

“The issue is that gender balance is not optimised in the LPG industry and WLPGA is in a unique position to start to make a change, this change to be driven by a network that will recommend actions and activities as part of the WLPGA strategic planning process.” said Alison Abbott, WLPGA Communications Director of the WLPGA.

WINLPG has three main objectives. First of all, to support and retain women already in the industry through a network in which women can further their professional development and access colleagues and mentors. Secondly, to promote role models and case studies via media, industry events and thirdly, more long term, to work with universities to educate and attract women to the industry.

WINLPG has a goal of increasing the number of women within middle management to 40% and at board level by 30% by 2030.

This set-up will mirror the three existing WLPGA networks and will meet three times a year with a flagship meeting to be held at the time of the World LPG Forum.  The next meeting will take place in Australia on 17th May 2016

For more information please contact Alison Abbott, WLPGA Communications Director.

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