Wellcome Gaswala

Wellcome Gaswala

What is Gaswala? in India, Gaswala are the men who are carrying LPG cylinders on their shoulders to customers houses, no matter where they are, but also is a film about the history of the LPG Distribution Service in India, one of its kind in the whole world and the contribution it has made for years to the growing and emerging India.

Milky Liars production of NewDelhi, in support with World LPG Association, Aburi Composites, Mauria Udyog Ltd, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, announces today the World Premiere of the upcoming documentary film, ‘Gaswala’ at the 28th World LPG Forum in Singapore.

The film leaps into the tale of how LPG changed the face of an ordinary Indian family’s laborious and deleterious kitchen environment into a refined living space for the generations to come.

From the time it is established to the intricate channels of distribution it grew into; making the impossible possible by reaching out to every household in India, from the mountain valleys of the North to the backwaters of the South, the ‘Gaswala’ have changed the lives of billions in India over the years to come.

“Two million people die from indoor air pollution- caused illness each year. Nearly all these deaths occur in low and lower middle income countries.” excerpt from the statistics taken on February 2015 says.

“Today the Indian LPG is supplying to more than 41 million households and 3 million cylinders are delivered every day.” as reported by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) of New Delhi.

Leaping into its final goal of a smokeless and safe environment in a household, the film ‘Gaswala’ will take the audience into the world’s most spectacular distribution-supply management of LPG cylinders and also a system of delivery which is one of its kind.

At Aburi Composites we are happy to promote such initiative and we encourage you to browse through Gaswala’s website: www.gaswaladoc.com and support this project.

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