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Oct 26 2016


  • The new line of Aburi Composite LPG Cylinders are lightweight, non-explosive, translucent, environmentally friendly, corrosion proof and UV resistant.
  • Aburi Composites is an advance composite materials company based in Lagos
  • Aburi LPG Cylinders are available in Lagos. Contact details: Mr Benedict Oji – +234 809 975 0354 /

Aburi Composites, an advance composite materials company in Lagos, is launching new LPG cylinders.

In order to resolve many problems associated with steel cylinders Aburi Composites has developed this brand new composite LPG cylinders, which represent a clear transformation for Nigeria.

Aburi cylinders are composed of a seamless anti-permeation thermoplastic liner which is fully wrapped with epoxy resin, providing an unmatched combination of lightweight, high tensile strength and corrosion proof.

Aburi Composite Cylinders are non-explosive – even when engulfed in fire. This is thanks to the heavy duty composite make-up of the product, which is manufactured to the strict standards of EN12245: 2002, EN14427: 2004, ISO 11119-3TPED, Dir.2010/35/EU and ADR/RID 2012

In addition to being fifty per cent lighter than conventional steel cylinders, the composite solution is unique in that it is translucent and makes for easy visibility of LPG levels which was previously impossible.

They have an attractive and ergonomic outer casing – which can be custom coloured and branded – made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) providing easy handling and additional further protection during transportation. High quality, heavy-duty casing also reduces maintenance and a universal valve connection, means it is suitable for all valve types.

Aburi Composite Cylinders are not only aesthetically attractive, they have incredible features, such as the RFID, so that you can track your cylinders anytime. RFID ensures that the right cylinders are available in the correct place with no discrepancies and zero errors, making the supply chain considerably more precise and improving the efficiency and reliability of the entire process. As real time information is made available, also administration and planning can be significantly improved.

Nigerian steel cylinders are based on technology developed 75 years ago and remains relatively unchanged.

Traditional steel cylinders are heavy and difficult to handle, especially for elderly people. This is the main cause of potential fiscal accidents, such as twisted ankles or spinal injuries. Moreover,  there are safety concerns to consider. They are easily damaged and therefore can be explosive under certain circumstances.

“Customers cannot request a product that they don’t realise exists” said Mr Alhaji Murhi, Chairman at Aburi Composites, when he was asked why this product it is not yet available on a large scale in Nigeria.

Aburi Composites is keen to network and do business with companies within Nigeria who are ready to take the next step for the industry and introduce new sizes – with revolutionary features both practically and in terms of safety, which should always be of paramount concern.


About Aburi Composites.

Aburi Composites is an advanced composite materials company in Nigeria. We specialise in composite LPG cylinders made using aerospace technology. Advanced composites provide unique opportunities to create structural materials with enhanced functionality, creating new processes supported by high security controls.

We focus on the replacement of metal elements for composites within equipment used by the gas sector.

Aburi Composites is part of a group of companies anchored in Abu Dhabi.


Contact Details: 

Mr. Benedict Oji

Business Developer

+234 809 975 0354

Media Relations Department | Phone: +44 207 735 5855 |



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