Composite LPG Cylinders

Composite LPG Cylinders



A new line of lightweight composite LPG cylinders has reached the global LPG market to help you to improve your business.


The latest generation of composite LPG cylinders are made of helically woven fibres, combined with resin, providing unique characteristics including being lightweight, non explosive, translucent and environmentally friendly.


Aburi composite LPG cylinders are also resistant to UV rays and non permeable, thanks to the specially engineered that prevents the cylinder from any kind of damage or corrosion. They have an attractive and ergonomic outer casing – which can be customised and branded – made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) providing easy handling and additional further protection during transportation. High quality, heavy-duty casing also reduces maintenance and a universal valve connection, means it is suitable for all valve types.


In this section you will find the information you may need to know about our composite LPG cylinders.  Aburi composite LPG cylinder sizes are available in 5,  7.5 , 10, 12.5 and 15 Kg.  Please find detailed specifications by clicking here.


composite lpg cylinder

Find Out More about Aburi Composite LPG Cylinders

Do you want more information about our composite LPG cylinders? If so, please browse the following slides to find out more about this innovative product.


LPG cylinders have a huge variety of uses, most significantly domestic use. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, including caravans, camping and barbecues.

Moreover, they are employed across many different sectors such as boating, hot air balloons, construction, recreation, hospitality, agricultural, calefaction and fishing, to name just a few.

LPG can serve as fuel for cooking, central heating and is a particularly cost effective and an efficient way to heat off grid homes. This is the reason why LPG cylinders must be updated to higher standards for safety and user experience.



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