Safety & Certifications

Safety & Certifications



Safety is always of paramount importance within the LPG industry. LPG users are asking persistently for measures to improve safety standards and LPG associations and companies are making an effort to achieve this goal.

There are currently many issues related to household air pollution and especially in undeveloped countries, risks of damage when cooking or heating. Indeed, gas overloading or low LPG cylinder maintenance can be fatal.

For this reason, Aburi Composites is improving safety measures, to ensure access to the new technology for both encouraging the innovation in the sector and a safe experience to consumers through LPG supply.

The latest generation of composite LPG cylinders are lightweight, non explosive, translucent and environmentally friendly.

Find out more about the features of our cylinders by clicking here.

Fire Test

Aburi composite LPG cylinders are non explosive, are made from helically woven fibre, combined with resin, that is resistant to fire.

Our composite LPG cylinders will resist a fire for more than 3 minutes before the gas starts to seep from the cylinder. After 10 minutes the cylinder will burn but will remain non explosive.

Certifications & Passed Test

Aburi composite LPG cylinders are systematically tested by international institutions and are certificated with European and International standards and regulations.


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